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What can a TDS meter be used for?

As well as measuring the TDS of our drinking water supplies, a TDS meter can be used for measuring;

  • Fish tanks and aquariums

     Fish require a specific TDS and pH similar to the natural environment in which they live. Freshwater fish require less than 400ppm, with some other freshwater fish requiring less. Saltwater fish require TDS readings of between 5000 and 50000ppm.
  • Hydroponics

    A TDS meter is a useful aid for quickly measuring the nutrient concentration of a hydroponic solution.
  • Pools and spas

    A low TDS reading can help prevent maintenance issues, skin irritation and algal blooms.
  • Colloidal silver

    There are many consumers of colloidal silver today using a TDS meter to measure their colloidal silver concentration in parts per million (ppm). The TDS meter gives a relatively accurate measurement, and is expressed in the nomenclature ppm TDS e.g., 10ppm TDS. This saves hundreds of dollars obtaining more accurate laboratory analysis which would otherwise be required.

TDS Meters are a useful way of maintaining
quality water for minimal repair and maintenance

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