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"The TDS meter works perfectly. There are so many bottled waters on the market it's wonderful to easily test which are the best. Tested Evian, Dasanti, Arrowhead, Fiji and many others including REO and Oxygenated. This meter absolutely gives the true quality reading (many surprises) and cuts through the marketing/labelling pitches." - JC, Las Vegas, U.S.A

"I use my TDS meter to check my reverse osmosis water purification system about once a fortnight. When I see the TDS starting to increase, the system is ready to have the filters changed. Manufacturers of purification systems recommend changing the sediment filter for instance once every 3 months, but where I live and with my TDS meter, I can get about 9 months out of my sediment filter. This has already saved me hundreds of dollars over the past 3 years in purchasing expensive filter elements." - GH, Melbourne, Australia

"I live in area with contaminated water by industry and very old water system. I'm using charcoal water filter for water cleaning which require regular cartridge replacement. Thanks to this device I'm able to judge if it's time to replace filter, as in beginning TDS level of tap water and filtered one differ, but approximately after one month of use readings become almost same." - DS, Kerch, Ukraine

"If you're a pool or a spa owner, you have a major investment, and maintenance should be a top priority: I purchased a TDS meter 2 years ago, and have had no pump problems or equipment failure in this time. My wife says the water feels a lot smoother now that it is monitored regularly for TDS, and she uses the pool a lot more regularly than before we used the TDS meter. Previously, she used to say that the pool water was harder on her face and skin, and she wasn't so inclined to have an afternoon swim." GL, Florida, U.S.A

"I have been learning new things abroad and whilst it is mostly related to my work but there are some that are not. One of it is the quality of water that we drink. I had no idea just how bad was the quality of water until a friend of mine explained about it and that included noting down the TDS value of the water. TDS reading in Kabul is not looking too good… The higher the TDS reading, the lower the quality of water it will be. For a comparison, a freshwater from the mountains gives a TDS reading of 0 whilst the seawater gives a reading of 2,000. So how bad was the water that we been drinking in Sharjah and Kabul? It’s bad!

A friend of mine had a mineral water for a drink and almost immediately he had stomach ache - after we checked, the TDS reading of the “mineral water” was 600. The tap water in the bathroom shows a TDS reading of 950.

This incident woke me up - I am now wondering the TDS reading of the water back at home. So, the first thing I am going to do when I get back home is to check and if need to, replace the water filtration system. Having a RO system at home may not be a bad thing after all." BJ, Kabul, Afghanistan
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