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What about mineral water?

There is a common belief that mineral water is important for our health, and that because pure reverse osmosis water contains little or no minerals, it is not an ideal source of supply for our health. This has been shown scientifically to be untrue, as all of the minerals in mineral water are a lifeless inorganic form. While they may be absorbed into circulation within our bodies, they cannot be used in physiological processes to for instance build cells. According to the American Medical Journal, the bodies requirement for minerals is largely met through foods, and not through water. Only after they have passed through the roots of plants do these inorganic minerals become organic (through photosynthesis) and capable of being assimilated into our tissues as organic minerals.

Pure water produced by reverse osmosis has an advantage, in that it removes inorganic deposits throughout the tissues in our bodies, leading to improved health. Organic minerals are not removed by pure water, and they remain in our bodies allowing smooth physiological functioning within our bodies.
What is better? Pure reverse osmosis water with a TDS 0-10ppm, or bottled mineral water with a TDS as in the above example of 225?

To give you some idea, a single glass of fruit juice provides more beneficial minerals than 30 gallons of untreated tap water.

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